Ultrabar DC

Ultrabar is DC’s #1 Party Venue

Ultrabar is the go-to venue for any nightlife enthusiast fusing the appeal of an ultra exclusive lounge and a high-energy nightclub in the Nation’s Capital.  Ultrabar’s interior is unique in chic design, lavish décor and classic architecture that boast a modern look and feel while remaining both warm and inviting.

Ultrabar boasts five distinctive floors each with its own event options, state of the art lighting and sound systems, projection screens for large-scale video productions.   The space is also home twelve HD televisions, six full service bars, four DJ booths, and twenty-six exclusive tables in total, each equipped for bottle service.


The Main Floor is Ultrabar’s most versatile and spacious level at 2200 square feet, which embraces the building’s historic beginnings as a bank and features a towering ceiling with elegant chandeliers.   The top of the line DJ booth’s are host to some of the Nation’s most renowned DJ’s and local talent.  Modern accent lighting and contemporary furnishings help merge historic architecture with modern design and technology with two 72-inch projection areas. Whether lounging in one of our 5 bottle service tables or dancing on the catwalk, Ultrabar’s main floor is the center of attraction at Ultrabar.


The Basement is ideal for an intimate hideaway.  The original bank safety deposit boxes are incorporated into the design of the room, providing unique décor, highlighted with a marble bar and glass casing.  The lounge area invites cozy conversations, regal lounging, and international sounds.


The Mezzanine, which overlooks the grand main floor, is the perfect retreat for a more relaxed, private ambiance, offering a bird’s eye view of the Main Floor.  The Mezzanine provides guests with a private bar and private table options while enjoying the top-of-the-line lighting system and DJ’s from the Main floor.


The Bedroom, ideally located on the second level is the apex of modern design at Ultrabar.  The long stainless steel bar complements the room’s dynamic style with mood-setting lighted tiles. The bedroom’s wall length window overlooks the city street below and the window bed offers a quaint getaway for guests to lounge and relax or dance to the Spanish rhythms.

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